The Studio

Sketchbook page of Tremithousa in Cyprus

My studio is currently based near Paphos town centre ut for a long time was in our house in one of the villages a little away from the main town and during that time I drew a lot of colpour sketches of the area.


I don't usually sell my drawings of Paphos because they're usually done on sketchbooks but I do take commissions in this style so below is a mix of sketchbook and commissioned work in colour.


All work is hand drawn on paper using either watercolour pencils or ink markers. Commissioned work is made on good quality paper and prepared with care, although as these are hand drawn pieces there may be very minor imperfections.


Commission via the link here.

No idea where this is from, probably the back of a couple of taverns.

Boats in Paphos. There's a lot of these.